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5 Practical Examples Of Landscape Abstracts

In the articles Abstract Landscapes and Landscapes in details you can find information on detailed and abstract landscape photography. These articles provide our readers with a theoretical basis on the topic. While in the current post you will find practical examples of this kind of photography. But first read a few practical tips to sum up the information from the previous articles.


1. Learn to notice less obvious things * use elements that make a landscape more emphatic. They are colors, forms, lines and textures.

2. Don*t be afraid of experimenting with various composition schemes, but remember about simplicity.

3. Telephoto lenses help you single out small details of a landscape to create an abstract shot which is sure to attract attention.

5 Practical Examples of Landscape Abstracts

1. SunsetGreece. This image is distinguished by its slight graininess, that makes an image look as an impressionistic one. Although this shot is not a detailed landscape, I sill include it in the post, because of special effects used here. The image was shot using a high sensitive film of ISO 1600. The equipment used is the Nikon F9, a 105 mm macro lens, a cable release, a polarizing filter, f/16, 1/4 sec.

2. The Namib Desert, Namibia, South West Africa. Deserts are great sources for abstract photography, because it is possible to simplify an image including only the sky and the sand in a shot. In the given image a side lighting put one side of the sand hill in shadow, while the other part is brightly colored in orange, which contrasts with the blue of the sky. A lonely tree provides an image with a focal point. A telephoto lens was used here to narrow the image on the right and simplify the landscape. The equipment used is the Nikon F90X, a 80-200 mm lens, a cable release, a tripod, a polarizing filter, 1/2 sec., f/16.

3. Snowy trees. This shot was taken after a strong snowfall. The trees look perfect standing against white snow that covers the earth, and an overcast sky, which form a unity. That is obviously a great black-and-white shot. The equipment used is The Olympus OM4-TI, a 28 mm lens, ISO 1600, f/11.

4. Lake District, England. A telephoto lens allows you to single out small details of a landscape and emphasize its peculiarities. Trees under bright sunshine and their reflection in the lake are the peculiarity, which is not typical of wide-angle lenses, but is intensified by tele zoom, creating simple, but beautiful composition. The equipment used is the Nikon F90X, a 80-200 mm zoom lens, a cable release, a polarizing filter, 1/8 sec., F/11.

5. The Aegean Sea. Greece. This shot was taken on a beautiful summer day, when the sea reflects the deepness of the blue sky. The white ripples in the bottom of the shot help to create an abstract image. The equipment used is the Olympus OM4-TI, a 28 mm lens, a polarizing filter, 1/250 sec., F/16.

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