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5 Steps To Realizing Your Dreams Before Retirement

Pay attention Baby Boomers! Everybody has a dream or an unrealized goal for their life. The trouble is most of us are unwilling to make the changes necessary to turn our dreams into reality. We say *I’ll do that when the children leave home; I’ll be able to work on that when the mortgage (car, credit card…insert debt here!) is paid off; I plan on making those changes when I turn 30, (40, 50… and so on!) The trouble is, once we actually DO achieve one of these procrastinator goals, we still don*t take the time to set those changes in motion.

It is true that dreams never die, but they can wind up fading into the woodwork of our lives if they aren*t cultivated and nurtured into reality. Just as a houseplant needs to be watered and fertilized on a weekly basis, so do our dreams. By shoving our dreams into that *Someday* file in our mind, we run the very real risk of having that *someday* never come. We let our fears * fear of the unknown and the very real fear of change * interfere and overtake our rational thought patterns until we begin to believe that it’s virtually impossible for us to achieve ANYTHING!

We need to let go of our fears and do one simple thing * take action NOW! You will never know what you*re capable of until you take this first step and just make a decision to do something * anything * to propel you towards your dream.

Think about this for a moment * how far are you actually willing to go to have the life (and dreams) that you want and deserve? What are you willing to change in your life to put the wheels in motion to turn your hopes and aspirations into reality?

Here are some points to get your started on your journey into manifesting your dream world:

1. Ask yourself this * What do I really want to be, do, or have?

Get clear about where you’re going so you can get there. Take a piece of paper and physically write down what it is that you really want to do with your life or changes you know you need to implement to get to that place. The clearer your *wish list* is, the better you’ll be able to prioritize what to do first.

2. Is this dream in keeping with my core values?

If your ideal dream goes against every one of your core values such as dignity, integrity and pride, you’ll never achieve it * plain and simple. By doing things that instinctively contradict your inner strengths, you will come across as being false and most likely self-sabotage your own efforts. Be true to yourself and it will pay off in the long run.

3. What are the action steps I need to take to achieve this dream?

If you dream is to lose 15 pounds, then you know the first step you’ll need to take is to examine your eating habits. If you*re consistently eating a large bag of potato chips and washing it down with a 24 ounce bottle of soda, then you know those foods are going to have to go – or at least be cut down to a more moderate portion size in order to lose weight. Make your steps practical so that you don*t perceive them as *chores* because no one likes to take on things they absolutely detest doing!

4. Chose a realistic *finish* date.

Using the analogy of losing weight and those extra 15 pounds, if you expect to lose them in two weeks, you*re going to have to literally starve yourself! You didn*t gain those unwanted pounds in 14 days, so why would you reasonably expect to lose them in the same amount of time? Setting a finish date is necessary as it gives you something to work towards, but keep it real folks, or once you reach that date and you*ve not achieved your goal, you’ll most likely throw your hands up in the air and quit.

5. How will I feel when I achieve this dream?

By concentrating on the end result as if you*ve already achieved it, you*re sending our positive vibrations into the universe which will help you in your quest to manifesting your dreams. In your mind, picture your life as it will be once you*ve obtained your desires. Imagine it, feel it, taste and/or smell the success. By believing you*re already at the finish line, getting there will be much easier.

So go ahead. Dream your dreams and reach for the stars. Your ideal life is waiting for you. You just need to take the first step towards getting it.

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Cookie Tuminello

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