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A Guys’s Painless Guide To Engagement, Pt.1

So you’ve finally gone and done it. You proposed. And surprise…she actually said yes!

After you pick yourself off the floor from from sheer disbelief after her actually saying yes, you suddenly realize that a whole bunch of things have been set in motion. Your beloved is now in her own world, and she is in a planning frenzy. All you can do is look with slack-jawed amazement as your future wife talks to friends, picks flowers, reads countless books, and engages herself in the duties of being an engaged woman.

I know all about it. It’s happened to me twice. So besides staying out of the way (it is HER day after all, don’t forget that), what do YOU do as a future groom? Where do you begin? What’s the first step? What things in planning this wedding should the both of you do equally?

Let me share a few quick thought about that from a groom’s perspective. After all, even though this is a wedding for you both.

There’s not much we as guys really care about with weddings, except making the bride happy. Outside of that, we’re not really concerned with much else. I really didn’t care if the flowers were pink or green, and I didn’t have a “vibe” about who should shoot the pictures. But there are siome things, when it comes

One thing that I would suggest is that you nail down your tuxedo style. Do it quick, before your beloved gets her inset ideas about color and bridesmaid’s dresses. If you don’t, you’ll be finding a tux to match her style, not your own. At the very least, by choosing the tux first, she’ll have to consider your style. And you REALLY don’t want to wear a PINK cummerbund, do you?

Another thing: Get a GOOD ring. You’ll save money in the long run, I promise you. has a wide selection of wedding rings in different sizes, styles and price ranges. I’ll say it again, GET A GOOD RING. There’s nothing worse that paying money for a ring, then having a diamond fall out because the setting wasn’t done right.

You’ll be out of that money, as feel like a idiot for flushing money down the drain. I’ll say it for the third time, because men and hard of hearing: GET A GOOD RING.

Accessorize for less. Yes, guys, there is more to this that renting a tux. Once again, I suggest They have tons of items, over 12,000 of them, from rings to ties to chocolates. They operate in conjunction with, so the service is great, and you can most stuff in 1-2 days. You can’t beat that, and it’s better than traveling from one wedding store to another. Shopping’s painful enough for us guys.

Check out the store, you’ll probably get some cool ideas that she’ll like.

And I’m not just the owner, I’m a client.

And one last thing, guys: relax. The hard part is over, you’ve asked the woman that makes your heart jump out of your chest to say yes to you, and she has. Sure, the preparation may drive you nuts at times, but remember, it’s HER day. And it’s all about making her happy. Because when Mama’s happy, everyone else is happy. Including you.

Welcome to marriage, guys. It’s really good, I promise. You don’t have to plan everything, that’s what she does. But when you have your say, it makes it clear that you’re in this with her. And that you’re in it for life. And that, it the end is all she really wants.

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