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One of my many favorite sayings is: *My body lives in 2008, but the rest of me lives in the 1950’s!* The reason my body lives in the year 2008 is because I made the mistake of forking over several pesos for a mirror that doesn’t lie to me. I have been known to be wrong once in awhile, but it seems to me that since my mind still clings to the 1950’s, when I was a teenager, that when it tells my 5′ 9* of DNA to do something, the mass of atoms responds…granted, not as fast, but it does respond.

Naturally, this can be the result of many events, such as exercising. It could also be that my body is still so use to being told what to do, that it just does it without thinking, although it does complain once in awhile. As long as it doesn’t get belligerent, I guess I will be all right.

Where the phrase *common sense* came from is beyond me, for it does not appear to be too common…and if you don’t believe me, just sit in a courtroom sometime. Not sure if it is sensible to bring up common sense, but all my senses tell me that in order to stay healthy and maybe live a little longer, we need to ingest some fruits and vegetables, along with a lot of water…plus, even exercise on a regular basis. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to get a good night’s sleep every so often! Now the medical field, after many years of painful study, has finally concluded that many of the conclusions about aging and our performance are now myths. Their new conclusions are that we need sensible rest, a sensible diet, and some sensible exercises…it appears to make sense to me!

They have also come to the conclusion that financial, mental, physical, emotional, and all kinds of other stress is not conducive to a healthy and long live. And all that stress is caused by many situations in our lives. As far as I am concerned, the most stressful ones are the ones in which we are guilty of causing ourselves — we humans work very hard at complicating our lives!

Its true! When we graduate from school, we usually cannot wait until we go out and purchase the most expensive house we think we can afford, the best vehicle we think we can afford, and thanks to credit, we think we can afford anything that exists. Naturally, we grab the first job we can because we have all those bills coming due. The next thing we suddenly become aware of is that we have several mini DNAs scampering around, which increases our responsibilities and our debt.

On a scale of one to ten, we now find ourselves at about nine on the stress meter…and on the aging scale of one to a hundred, we lowered ourselves down to somewhere around 50 or, if we are lucky, 60!

At that point, the hardest thing for us to do is relax, but that is the best sensible conclusion! The next sensible conclusion is to sit or lay down somewhere and spend a little time feeling sorry for ourselves by crying, and then laughing — the reason it makes sense, is that we will have gotten most, if not all, of the stress our of our system, and the sensible solution will magically pop into our heads … its time to get up and solve the problems!

As we solve each problem, we will discover that we have more time to spend with our family, will sleep better, will exercise more, will dine more sensibly because we will have more spending money, and will therefore live a lot longer…and that means that we will have an absolutely wonderful time giving out great advice and eventually becoming a well-known sage.

Makes sense to me!

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Wade Jesse

Jesse Wade is the author of 4 free books, over 200 articles, and the free very popular huge shopping & discovery directory