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All We Need Is Each Other

We are different but we compliment
Like a reason for a statement
We are collinear when we’re together
And coplanar when we’re apart

I love it when you say I love you
And when I say I love you too
Our love is as deep as the ocean’s blue
A postulate and that is true

But time cannot and will never be tricked
When a bisector cut the line where we are linked
But love takes a long time to heal
And construct another line for us to live

Slopes may come and block our way
But hold tight and don’t be afraid
Eliminate your fears, let courage be paid
As we solve problems along the highway

We are opposites, we are tangent externally
But if we’re together, we’re tangent internally
Let no transversal cross in our life together
Promise that we’ll always stay forever

We’ll always stay the same in loving each other
What ever they say does not matter
For God knows our love is congruent
We are points destined to be together

What we must have is a sphere of love
An indefinite line of time and space
What ever it takes we will stay forever
All we need is each other