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Are You A Bead Addict?

I must confess, even though my crafting talents are somewhat limited, I simply cannot resist beautiful beads. I am quite sure I will never make any money from beading, but I enjoy selecting beads and making my own creations.

It is possible to actually turn a beading hobby into a profitable business, but if you choose to go that route make sure that you are catering to the likes and preferences of your customers. Perhaps doing custom creations by request will be the safest way to ensure a profit. Make sure you calculate all costs involved before giving a quote on a custom order. In the beading business you need to be very careful that you are choosing the best type of beading craft creations that will allow you to make a profit. Beads can be very expensive so you do not want to find yourself stuck with an inventory that you cannot sell.

When considering a beading project, take careful consideration all costs involved, such as jewelry findings. Findings are such things as clasps, ear wires, crimps, jump rings, and bead tips. You might also have bead wire, or beading string. Most bead creations will have various types of beads included such as crimp beads or spacer beads.

You can start out your beading hobby with very few tools. You probably will want crimping pliers if possible; regular pliers will often crush the crimp beads and cause them to not hold securely. You may find that a bead stringing tray will making your beading project easier, you can conveniently lay out your selected beads and see how they are going to look as a finished project. Be sure to use good quality stringing wire or bead string – nothing is more frustrating than to spend time creating a necklace only to have the string break and your precious beads go flying all over.

When you spot some beautiful beads, go ahead and buy them if your budget allows. Often I will find a few special beads, and it may be several months later that I find other beads or findings that will compliment my creation.

Have fun and happy beading!