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Atheists Agnostics and Evolutionists – The Worst Gamblers in the World

I have seen the odds of having the right amino acids and other components coming together from the primordial ooze and creating life mathematically computed. It produces a number followed by so many zeros that if I used the smallest font on my computer it would take the rest of this article to write them in, plus another several hundred pages to record them all.

Mathematics being a far more exact science than some others there is little room for speculation, pontifical statements or what is commonly called prior philosophic postulation. Such is what is commonly used by evolutionists, archaeologist, paleontologists and others when making statements about the beginning of life. In the plainest language, scientists who use prior postulation are making statements that require faith to believe – just like a preacher who proclaims the gospel.

I never did well in math. It seemed I could comprehend the value of literature and philosophy better. But I am not so foolish as to disregard the findings of the math crowd. Indeed, I rather respect them and their no-nonsense findings.

Calculating odds for or against something is given great credence today. It can free an innocent man or condemn a guilty one. The odds of some ones DNA being the same as someone else is sufficient grounds to free or convict them in a trial. Why then, do we ignore the odds when it comes to matters like the beginning of all life or what happens at the end of life?

Being ignorant doesn’t always mean you are dumb. It can mean that while you may be superbly intelligent you are ignoring certain obvious facts or figures. Often ignoring these facts is due to a prior philosophic postulate. So what’s that? It is a pre-disposition or a mindset to believe something else that you’ve been taught, something you have read or just a pet belief that you have attached to yourself without any examination and scrutiny. Here is an example.

Long before the advent of the computer mathematicians were able to calculate odds. At the close of World War One a famous eschatologist, Mr. Clarence Larkin had some mathematicians make some calculations for him. They calculated that the events that took place in the last twenty four hours in the life of Christ which fulfilled Old Testament prophecies about him took place against the odds of fifty three million to one in favor. Put simply, no one but Jesus Christ could have fulfilled these prophecies as he did. So why are there still people bent on trying to prove that those events weren’t accurate or historical at all? Would those same people go to Las Vegas and shoot craps, spin the roulette wheel or play poker with such odds against them? Not likely.

The odds were against me in my historical geology class when I told my college professor that I would give him the answers he wanted on the quizzes and tests even though I didn’t believe a word he was saying. He was a gentleman and passed me because he respected my position. I respected him for doing so but it saddened me to see a brilliant man hampered by his own prior philosophic postulates. Not to mention his complete ignorance of the second law thermodynamics or entropy. So what’s that?

Nothing in the physical universe goes from a less complicated molecular or atomic state to a more complex state if left to it self, this is commonly referred to as entropy. This means things don’t go from squirming amoeba in a pool of mud to hundreds of thousands of species of living things. Entropy says it just doesn’t happen.

Other scientists not so willing to suspend the law of entropy have said it another way. Believing that the right amino acids just found each other randomly and produced all life as we know it is like a very special airplane. We will call it the News Plane. It flies overhead at 20,000 feet and throws out a load of news type. When the type hits the ground it just happens to form the complete latest edition of today’s New York Times. What are the odds for that, I don’t know, but don’t take those odds to Vegas either.

Being no mathematician my own calculations are very simple but I wouldn’t gamble against the odds I’ve discovered. Most atheists, agnostics and evolutionists think that when you’re dead, you’re just that, dead, a sort of big black nothing. Since Jesus was emphatic about a real heaven and hell that means this group thinks there is a chance he could be wrong. That gives them a fifty-fifty chance to come out OK.

The Christian believes it is appointed once for man to die and then there is a judgment. Hebrews 9:27. Those judged will be sent to either heaven or hell. They choose to believe, and are saved by their faith, Ephesians 2:8, 9 If they are wrong they still at least get the same big black void of the atheists but no hellfire. If they are right they spend eternity with God and millions of others where there is no mare war, suffering or tears. Whether right or wrong they cannot lose. Do the math.

I am not trying to say that people should believe in Christ and his finished work on the cross because of some mathematical calculation, its still a matter of the heart. What I am saying is that even with a fifty-fifty chance the atheists, agnostics and evolutionists are the poorest gamblers in the world. The odds are not the only thing that is frightful but consider the stakes. You can only wage that bet with your own eternal soul, money is not accepted, no, not even Visa and MasterCard!

Rev Bresciani is the author of two highly regarded Christian books. One published by Xulon Press is thought to be the clearest treatment on the second coming of Christ is this decade. It is titled An American Prophet and His Message. Rev Bresciani has hundreds of articles published both online and in print. Please visit the website at