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Boudoir Photography… Why Boudoir?

Boudoir style photography is sensual and sexy. It is a type of glamour photography, most commonly female photography, which focuses on making the model look attractive. It’s not about being in perfect shape or being waifishly thin. Instead a photographer will highlight your best features to create a beautiful shot. That being said, why wouldn’t someone want to look and feel attractive and sexy in a photo. Whether they admit it or not, most women do. Now, more than ever, women are becoming confident enough to have this type of photo taken.

When you hear boudoir photography or boudoir models, don’t assume bimbos and cheap pictures. This type of glamour photography is making a stylish comeback. And it isn’t just for models anymore either. Normal people are seeking out these types of photographers more and more. Most often, women who seek out boudoir photographers do so for specific reasons. Usually they have received a confidence boost of some kind, are giving a gift, or have had a milestone in their lives.

Boudoir photography makes a great sexy gift for someone you are romantically involved with. Many women, perhaps trying to rekindle the romance, get boudoir photos as a gift for their lovers. Others just want to give a fun and sexy present, either for birthday or anniversary.

As a wedding gift, bridal boudoir is growing in popularity. Some brides are now choosing to give their grooms this special photographic gift. Besides being a unique present, a bridal boudoir session can be a wonderful way for a bride to relax before her big day. Other couples are opting to pose together. This intimate photography can convey alluring, sexy moments between two people about to share their lives.

Post-surgery clients probably represent the largest group who choose to get boudoir photographs. They have added confidence and want to show off their new cleavage, new waistline or new nose. Whatever the surgery, these women are excited about their new bodies and want to capture themselves on film.

Weight loss excitement can also prompt some into wanting to take a few racy boudoir photos. Finally reaching that goal weight is an incredible achievement and can be an even more incredible confidence boost. They may not be fitness models, but they are happy with the way they look and this can allow for some great glamor photography. Just like in the case of post-surgery models, those that have lost weight want to show off their new bodies to document their change.

One very special way to celebrate a milestone birthday, maybe 30, 40 or even 50, is to reward oneself with a boudoir photography session. Many have come to the realization that this really is the best they are going to look and that they want to capture that. The desire to preserve that beauty is natural. Being able to have a photograph that will always remind you of how young and sexy you can be is wonderful.

Another milestone many like to capture and have a record of is becoming mothers. Maternity boudoir is a growing trend with numerous celebrity followers. Even during pregnancy, or perhaps especially during pregnancy, women want to look sexy and feel beautiful. This is a way for them to document the pregnancy in a unique way that they will treasure.

For these reasons and many others, women of all ages are turning to boudoir photography for a fun, sexy and unique gift for themselves or someone they love.

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Tony Mandarich

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