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Burial considerations

Buying a headstones

When planning a funeral there are certain points which must be considered to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible.

The factors which should be considered are:

• Budget
• Wishes of the deceased
• Wishes of Family
• Personal Taste
• Burial Site Environment
• Burial Site Regulations

Budget – funerals can be expensive and the budget will determine the type of funeral which is undertaken. Costs for the funeral directors, car hire, flowers, headstones etc all need to be taken into account.

Wishes of the deceased – It is possible the deceased will have left specific instructions as to their funeral arrangements. Such instructions could be left in the will.

Family Wishes – consideration will need to be given to the wishes of the family when planning the funeral to ensure harmony on the day.

Personal Taste – funerals can take the form of various styles, from traditional to more personalise. This clearly depends on the wishes of the deceased and the family. Ensure that a funeral director is appointed who can accommodate and such desires.

Burial Site environment and regulation – before any plans are organised it will be necessary to take into consideration the burial ground environment and regulations. Most churchyards will have regulations in place as to the type of headstone which can be placed on the grave, as well as types of vases etc. Ensure a copy of these regulations is obtained and followed. The funeral plans must suit the environment in which the grave is situated.