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Cameras, Your Hands And Your Eyes

When the subject turns to photography, the word creativity comes to my mind. Among other thoughts of digital resolution and quality film development, the final result is the creation of more than just a photograph.

In this article, let us not refer to a camera as just a camera, but an instrument that we can create with. Put some thought into this and you will realize a photographer creates more than a final resolution, thereby bringing forward memories, thoughts and stories without speaking a word.

Using your hands, you are able to reach out and grasp objects and bring that object to another person and show it to him. It will be a physical item he observes first hand. It may or may not have a story with it, and it may or may not hold his interest.

Now, using your hands on a camera, your creative instrument, you can grasp objects on film or memory card, present the photograph to a person where he observes the final product. It will have a story with it and it will hold his interest. He will have questions for you, or at least a comment. You have created more than just a photograph.

Describing to a person what you visually have seen may take as long or as short a time as you prefer, depending on the quantity and quality of your describing vocabulary. And depending on you, it may or may not pique his interest. Also, since it is important for you to make him understand what you have seen, it could be frustrating to you.

Imagine the camera as your eyes. Another person cannot dispute whatever you see with your eyes. You have proof. No longer will you have to describe what you have seen. You have created something that no words have to describe. The story is included. It will hold the interest of another. This is what you have seen and it is unique.

The camera is a creative instrument and a great invention. Using two of your human senses, touch and sight, creativity with a camera is immeasurable and unlimited. Your imagination has no bounds either and reaches further than the horizon.

This was just another rant on the unique hobby of photography and how we as human beings ergonomically blend in with cameras. Thanks for reading.

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