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Canvas Photos: Capturing Your Newborn

Will there be a new addition to your family soon? Having a baby is truly one of the most exciting times in your life. Children grow up so fast- you’ll want to cherish these first years with your child. And what better way to capture these fleeting moments than in pictures? But the memory needs to be shared in a special way. A snapshot just won*t do. A motionless, matted frame is simply too monotonous. Creativity is key. And a photo on canvas can make your most magical moments come to life. When gazing at your canvas photo, you can almost feel your baby as he grips your finger tightly in his hand, or hear your daughter’s musical laughter ringing throughout the room. Canvas photos are a unique and artistic form of reliving those treasured times caught on camera.

Canvas photos are so easy and affordable to own! Special craftsmen can transmit your favorite photos onto canvas and wrap them around a wooden frame. Frames are usually made available in a variety of sizes, from an 8 x 10 tabletop picture to a 20 x 30 wall portrait. There’s no doubt you’re penny pinching these days, but with prices as low as $25, these extraordinary works of art are extremely affordable. Constructed with quality and made to endure longer than any matted frame ever could, canvas photos promise to outlast all ordinary pictures. They are the perfect heirloom to pass down to your son or daughter, so that they too can treasure their childhood forever.

Moments on canvas can be captured in so many different ways. Any plain photo can be transferred to canvas for a more lively and lifelike look. Have your own photograph taken every month to capture each stage of your pregnant state. Write down your weight gain, belly size, food cravings, baby movements, and other special memories on the back of the frame. For other monthly memories, take pictures of your newborn once a month during his first year of life. Write down his most amazing milestones- his first word, his favorite toy, and the song you sing to him to help him sleep. Capture every first on film and have them transferred to canvas. What better way to remember his first bath, vacation, and those precious first steps he’ll take toward you? Have your ultrasound picture placed on canvas for a truly one-of-a-kind photo. Commemorate a Christening with a beautiful baptismal portrait. Display a proud, new big sister holding her baby brother in her arms. Celebrate the first candles blown out on the birthday cake. And shed a tear for the school bus that picks him up on his first day of school. From birth to high school graduation, and marriage to your baby’s own first born, every moment of your child’s life can be captured on canvas.

Canvas photos make a stunning and artistic addition to any nursery. If you’ve ever wished you could stop time to spend precious moments with your children, these unique photos can give you the lifelike memories you*re longing for!

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Hugh Parker

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