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Carving And Painting Duck Decoys

Duck Decoys are constructed of different materials. Most of which are factory manufactured of molded materials such as plastic. I*ve seen some made of a rubber like material you can inflate to use them and deflate them for easy transportation. You can factory manufactured duck decoys made from cork like material.

There are very good carvers out there who carve decoys from wood. Their artwork can really make those pieces of wood come to life once they have them painted up. Many people look for these decoys and pay good money to get them. This type of decoy is mostly used as art for collectors but there are people out there who carve working decoys for duck hunting. There is a self satisfaction and great admiration by other waterfowl enthusiast for people who carve there own decoys and find them really work for them as a duck hunter or even a wildlife photographer.

One problem that occurs when using decoys is the paint comes off after time. After a while those life like decoys can become very un-life like. Once this problem comes to affect you, there are a few choices you have to remedy this. You can purchase new decoys or you can repaint the old ones.

Don*t get all frustrated this can be fun and you can purchase books on the subject to learn how to paint your own decoys. Think of the satisfaction you will get when the decoys you paint up yourself come back to life once again. When you put them in the water and they actually work for you.

Why not get into carving your own duck decoys. Think of the pleasure that would bring whether you want to put them on your mantle or in the water and use them as working decoys. You can get books on carving duck decoys as well.

Whatever your enjoyment is, duck hunting, collector, photographer or hobbyist, carving and painting your own duck decoys can bring you great pleasure.



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