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Posts published in “`Positive Thinking”

You Have a Gift, Release It

Every person has a special gift. However your gift can only be recognised and bring joy to others when it is released. It may not seem special to you because you are the only one looking at it.

Why People Fail

Some people don't really know what it is they want. Many define what they want by stating what they don't want. The result, they get exactly what they don't want. Why because instead of focusing on what they do want they are focused on what they don't want.

Why Material Success Goes Beyond Money, Cars And A Big Home?

I’ve meet people over the years that have made a great deal of money, that have material wealth, that don’t feel that they are personally successful. Their lives just don’t work. So we are talking about having the material things that bring you happiness but not the fear of losing them or in some causes the guilt over having them.

What I ask my clients to be is the person they want to be? That person who has all of the freedom, flexibility and joy that is part of the equat...