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Digital Photography Reference For The Beginner

With so many digital photography reference books in circulation these days, it may be confusing to a newcomer on where to begin and what book to choose. Of course each and every new digital camera comes with a booklet about the camera and its functions. That is a start, but not enough for the beginner who wants the best results possible for his or her efforts.

It should first be noted that many universities, community colleges, technical institutions, and private trade schools offer basic courses in digital photography. These basic courses should have instructions on equipment, techniques and processes for an excellent beginning experience.

These courses are a great start for the beginning photography enthusiast who has the time and money to invest. He or she can propel himself or herself quickly into a great hobby or profession as they advance steadily with their class.

Certainly, there are more advanced courses in photography education for the person who wants to pursue a career.

But for the newbie who prefers learning on his or her own time, not attending classes, I can tell you that there is an alternative. Actually there are many alternatives when you consider the many books available on all the aspects of digital photography. Even the career photographer has more than one reference book.

Learning on your own, self teaching or learning by doing is all the same. Some people believe it is beneficial to start on your digital photography interests this way. You learn at your own pace and develop your own style and creativity.

When purchasing your first digital camera, there are books that can help you in the process. Once you have decided on why you want a new digital camera, by acquiring this literature, you will be guided as to the proper equipment to purchase according to your preferred needs.

Once you have your equipment, decide where you want to go from there. Your decisions have no limits; however, get to know your equipment first. There are books for that.

Reference books for digital photography techniques, portrait photography, earning money with photography, commercial and fine arts photography, stock photography and most anything else to do with it are all available in the market today.

Also, for any piece of photo equipment used, there is a reference book for it. Lenses, filters, tripods, flash attachments and lighting equipment can all be referenced from a dedicated book.

In speaking to any photography newbie who is reading this, you should add a few reference books to your equipment bag. If you cannot find the one you want in a hard cover edition, check the Internet and purchase one or two in ebook form.

Photography is a super hobby and a lot of fun. Learn everything you can about it and you will be rewarded with great results from your photographic endeavors.

Submitted by:

Tom Watson

Tom Watson is the owner of In Digital Photography, a website with tips, information and ideas in photography and a great supply of reference books.