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Divine Alternative

Do you want to give him a gift but you don’t have the courage to choose a piece of jewellery, as it may not be of his liking? Perhpas, rightly so, since buying a men’s gift can be quite a challenge. If you have qualms of what to buy him on his birthday or on your coming anniversary, then I have an answer for you! You won’t believe this but you can actually give a contemporary cross necklace to your partner and you won’t see any disappointment on his face.

Why? A cross is one of the symbols that are not only use for sacred matters but are also considered as a symbol of power. So having a pendant cross will only add power to his masculine style.

What better site to get these contemporary crosses but homme rock the men’s jewellery emporium, where you’ll find a vast collection of unique and handmade jewelry that will totally rock your partner’s world. The collections that are found in this store are made by some of the most sought-after jewelry designers in the market today, including Seven London and Fred Bennett.

One of the most fascinating pieces in their store’s collection is this very divine contemporary cross known as Men’s Cross Necklace. This beautiful piece contains a diamond pendant which sets a tone of simplicity to the totality of this charmer. The pendant length is 18 inches or 46 centimeters which fits to almost all the male sizes there is. The diamond cross which is 3.5 centimeters in height and with a width 2.5 centimeters provides ethereal look. This divine piece will only cost your pocket $ 84.95 with free delivery should you purchase it directly from Homme Rock Men’s Jewelry Emporium website. This piece, if you must know, is created by one of the most famous jewelry designer Fred Bennett.

Another cool alternative necklace is the Men’s Wooden Cross. This dark wooden cross-encased in sterling silver is one of the newest creations from the Seven London jewellery collection. This hip-looking contemporary cross comes with a sterling silver curb chain. The cross height is 2.5 centimeters while the chain is 58.5 centimeters. The chain, by the way, is dipped in rhodium to give extra protection against rusting and tarnishing. Upon purchasing this product, you will be given a specially made case by Seven London. This cool cross costs 76 pounds, which is so cheap, compared to other products available in the market today.

Its style is contemporary, thus he won*t look unfashionable upon wearing it. The silver and diamond creates harmony in his dark persona. And since it’s a cross pendant, the guidance of the higher being will be forever his. This piece will definitely highlight the character of your partner’s life. So what are you waiting for? Show your man how special they are. You can go to this website and be amazed of their exquisite collections of men’s jewelry.

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Jason Tye

2008  Jason Tye. Jason Tye is the webmaster and owner of the mens jewelry emporium – homme rock, specializing in quality, designer jewelry and rings, for men.