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Help For Social Anxiety And Phobia

Certainly social anxiety & phobia is indeed a complex isssue. People with social anxiety disorders have the following features: –

Fear that everyones attention is on them and everybody is watching them; Fear that they will make a blunder and everybody will be aware of it.

They are underestimated by thinking that everybody in this world is more capable than they are.

People with social anxiety disorder will feel anxiety and this same anxiety may lead to nausea, a sinking heart, sweating and blushing etc. This may then later result in a panic attack

There are some people who lose their confidence when dealing with people of authority such as employers or perhaps if you are a student you may be slightly overcome by your tutor. At the top scale of this is another important condition which is called acute panic syndrome and this condition people will cause the sufferer to feel fear of speaking in front of the public which may be characterized by sweating and a sinking of heart.

Social anxiety disorders arise in the childhood and early adulthood but these disorders are rare after the age of 25 years. Women are affected 2 times more than men and as we go further, we must differentiate between shyness and social anxiety disorders. Shy people do not feel as much anxiety as experienced by persons suffering from social anxiety disorders and people suffering from social anxiety disorders tend to avoid visiting public places.

There is an association of depression with social anxiety disorders and this can occur after a sufferer has been taking medicine to alleviate the condition. Drug dependance is common but it would seem that certain medicines are also helpful in treating the condition somehow. The medicines used for the treatment of social phobia are the type of anti depressant drugs named SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) which include fluoxitine and paroxitine. Beta blockers may also be used for these treatment purposes with the most important being propanolol.

Social anxiety disorders lead to embarrassment for persons suffering from it and subsequently this same embarrassment may prove to be destructive for that person so it should be treated as soon as possible.

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