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How to Apply the Benefits of Positive Self Talk to our Everyday Lives

Is this positive self-talk stuff valid, or is it just a lot of bunk?

There are varying expert opinions on the overall adequacy of positive self-talk as a long-term aid to general improvement of a person’s quality of life, since every person is so unique and such an individual that no two are likely to employ the process in exactly the same way.

Some people may view it as a magic cure-all that they need only employ a few times before they will see results. Naturally, these people are doomed to disappointment, since positive self-talk is only one-step in a long process of self-improvement and must be used often in order to be truly effective. However, other people who are truly desirous of making a long-term effectual changes in one or more aspects of their lives. Moreover, who are willing to commit themselves to a long-term program to accomplish this often have the drive and determination to say nothing of the willpower and persistence that is required to make a lasting success of positive self-talk techniques?

These are the people who are willing to invest the time into encouraging themselves, especially when nobody else is around to do it, in order to effect a long term and positive result for their lives. By employing the positive self-talk techniques in this manner, they are in a position to succeed in just about any field they put their minds to.

What is the basic idea behind positive self-talk?

The general principle of positive self-talk is that people are able to improve on some aspect of their lives by concentrating on the positive aspects. Whether these are aspects that already exist, or aspects that they want to survive in the future.

By focusing on these particular points and reinforcing them to themselves repeatedly, people are able to create in themselves anticipation and expectation that they will come to pass. People often use a mirror for this process, speaking to themselves as one would a friend to a trusted friend. It is easier to confide in ourselves than in other people, but speaking to a mirror often gives people a grounding and the sense that they are being spoken to directly by a person they trust, reinforcing the accuracy of what they are promising themselves will come to pass.

Positive self-talk is obviously not to be mistaken for a cure-all of any sort, or for a magic formula that will make the problem immediately vanish. However, it will create in the subject a sense of anticipation and a determination to succeed that will set him or her well on the path to achieving the goals outlined during the process of self-talking.

What are some aspects of peoples’ lives that can be improved by positive self-talk?

Virtually any part of your life over which you would expect to have physical or mental control can be effected by and improved upon by the process of positive self-talk. Usually the areas that are most easily influenced by self-talk, however, are those that involve the application of willpower or a change in peoples’ thinking and mental state. Just a few of the areas of peoples’ lives that can be and have been improved by the application of positive self-talk. Are the processes of breaking an addiction, such as gambling or smoking, the eradication of certain fears and phobias that interfere with daily lives, the improvement of one’s outlook on life and ability to cope with daily stresses, the improvement of one’s mental focus and skills, the improvement of one’s commitment to relationships, and the elimination of bad habits.

Many more areas can be worked on, though virtually anything, you can put your mind to can be accomplished with a little willpower and a bit of positive encouragement.

Positive thinking and self-talk will keep you healthier and happier.