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How To Increase Your Capicity To Memorize Information And Overcome Test Anxiety

If you are a student who is trying to bring up your grades, there are a list of tricks that will help you to amplify your capacity to focus your concentration, absorb the data that you study, and bring it back to consciousness during an exam without being subjected to mental blocks or test anxiety. Here are the best ways that I know to establish good study habits:

(1) Create a place for study and study only in that place! Establish a peaceful room that will make possible concentration without any distractions. Some usual examples would be a library, a vacant classroom, or your home office. You will want to establish the habit of studying when you are in this place. So it is best to not use this place for other activities like daydreaming, watching TV, or playing music, etc.


(a) A comfy seat, but not excessively comfortable

(b) Your writing desk or table

(c) Excellent illumination

(d) Sufficient air flow


(a) Views that will be distracting

(b) A telephone

(c) Distracting music

(d) A large screen television

(e) A companion who talks a lot

(f) A refrigerator filled with snacks

(2) Split your work into small, short-range projects.

(a) Set up small highly specific projects like, “I am going to study my English from 1 PM to 2 PM. Or else you will be setting yourself up to fail.

(b) Set a doable homework goal for the amount of time you are able to allocate. For example: finish reading chapter ten in my chemistry text, or complete a final version of my chemistry paper, etc. Set your goals when you you are ready to study but before you actually begin. Set realistic goals. You may do more than reach your goal, but set a reasonable goal even if it seems far too easy.

(3) Test Anxiety

(a) Some students experience physical symptoms for the most part, like feeling hot or cold, nausea, or faintness, etc.

(b) Other students experience mostly emotional symptoms, like feeling irritable, crying, or getting frustrated quickly.

(c) The main difficulty with anxiety is that it can make one have a memory block. Or it could make one have thoughts that are racing out of control.

(d) Although you may currently experience some level of anxiety while taking a test, you can learn to diminish that anxiety, or even completely eliminate it!

(e) Anxiety and the resultant stress are as a rule the main causes of a lack of the ability to focus your concentration. Stress can also trigger a mental block when one tries to remember information.

(f) Hypnosis CD’s can be utilized to relax your mind and focus your concentration. As your mind calms down, your ability to stay focused will increase. Similarly, a calm mind enhances your ability to retain information, and recall it when it is needed.

(g) Hypnosis and NLP CD’s can be utilized to program your mind for the positive expectation of tranquility and the ability to bring back to mind the information during an exam. This is effective at diminishing or eliminating test anxiety.

(h) There are a number of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques that can quickly do away with a test phobia!

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