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How to prepare for a relaxing and productive positive self talk session

Does it really matter if I am comfortable or not when I prepare for my positive self-talk?

While nobody will be breaking down your door to scold you for preparing incorrectly if you do not set up for a positive self-talk session exactly the way recommended by most experts in the field of positive self-talk, it is still a very good idea to put a little thought and effort into the organization of your session.

There is a great deal of suggestibility involved in the process of self-talk, which simply put means that people who give themselves the self-talks are actually giving themselves a sort of hypnotic suggestion as well. The greater a person’s level of suggestibility, the more likely that the self-talk session will prove most beneficial.

Therefore, it is important to raise your level of suggestibility as much as possible while preparing for a session of positive self-talk. Because studies have shown that people who are more comfortable and relaxed in their environment tend to be more suggestible, since they will lower natural mental guards when they become more relaxed, it is a good idea to prepare an environment that promoted the greatest relaxation.

Of course, this sort of environment will vary slightly from person to person, as everybody relaxes in different ways for different reasons. It is best for the subject to find a room and situation that is comfortable for personal reasons, rather than conventional reasons. Just be careful not to make things TOO comfortable, since you don’t want to fall asleep!

Okay so I’m comfortable. Nevertheless, what are some other ways that I can use to prepare for my positive self-talk session?

The first step to creating a productive environment for a positive self-talk session is to eliminate every kind of distraction! If you have a young, active and noisy family, it is best to be sure, they will be occupied in other ways, preferably out of the house entirely. As fun as it can be to have family around and even as relaxing as some people might find it, it is important that the only voice you hear during your positive self-talk session be your own, or else you may become confused in spite of yourself! You are going to be giving yourself some very specific instructions during your session and you may even be dealing with some personal, possibly private issues that you would rather not be overheard, so it really is most advisable to be certain that everybody is quietly occupied in some other part of the house. If necessary, make yourself a little “do not disturb” sign and hang it outside the room in which you conduct your sessions; that way your family will be sure to know that this is your personal, private time and they will need to come back later. For younger children it can be helpful to buy a simple egg timer, and teach them to know that until they hear the timer go off, Mummy or Daddy is off limits!

Some other ways that you can prepare for a productive and rewarding positive self-talk session may seem trivial but will make a big difference in the long rung. Be sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing, set the temperature in the room to a comfortable level, and make sure you take care of all physical needs before you come in to begin your session. This could involve eating a nice, light meal if you expect to get hungry, and or using the washroom before you begins. This way you will be less distracted all around and in a better position to have a great session.