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Inspirational -The Lessons Of April Fools Day

Who does not know about The First of April? We try to make fools of others on this day to have a hearty laugh. It is the battle of wits on this day. All of us expect to get fooled, and try to save ourselves from making others laugh at our expense. Are all of us not fools even otherwise? This may sound shocking; so let me tell you why I think so.

How about politicians and leaders? They make fools of us all through the year. Isn’t correct? They invent fantastic excuses and give more implausible promises. Many of us get so emotional with the speeches that we get fooled. What of education? The formal education promises us so many things. Each student thinks that he/she will learn something great while getting a degree. Is it really so? Does that happen? In the name of formal education, most of us lose our original thinking and try to learn all those things that are written by those who never received formal education. Think about what I am saying. I may be wrong, but so are so many other writers. The language has to be good, captivating and emotive. And you will get fooled.

Love is the biggest joke of the life. A very good feeling, that results in so much pain for a big majority that in the end, they all feel that they were fooled. They were fooled into giving so much of themselves to someone thoroughly undeserving. The love that promised moons, makes people land in craters. This is no laughing matter, because the hurt is so intense that a heart broken person will never be able to explain it.

Life itself is a process that fools at every moment. We try to work, think, collect money, create masterpieces and preach others inspiring stories. We try to do so much in life and feel that we are making great use of the time. What is the ultimate result? Death. We all die. The ruins of many old monuments, the old manuscripts, the fossils and everything else we can find in a museum tell us about what our forefathers tried. Why and with what result? They got nothing but death in the end, and so shall we get death. Death will make a big fool of all of us in the end.

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