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Judge Not! What Goes Around Comes Around

I’ve been a devoted Christian (Methodist) all my life until I discovered the bullshit in my bible.
After finding so much racism, machismo, chauvinism, slavery, rape, torture, violence etc in most other bibles too, I came to the conclusion that I was hypnotized. First by my parents, then in school, then by the minister of the church, then by the TV and press, by my neighbors and my government.
Hypnotized into having faith in a religion which I did not choose.(If I was born in Iran I’m sure I would be a Muslim, or if I was born in Tibet, or India of course I would not have been a Christian.)
I am certainly not an atheist because I do believe in God or a god or a universal force, but religions are all bullshit to me now. I came across a site called KARMANETICS where they talk about luck and dreams. First I thought it was just another crappy new-age or witchy pagan club or even a sect, but not so. It’s such a short simple theory that I decided to try it out for a month. Basically karmanetics is based on the principles of karma but with the power to manipulate and control it (unlike Buddhists and Hindus) Karmanetics thought up an experiment (15 years investigation) to find the answer to producing good-luck. Then the experiment was put into real practice with real people to discover a resulting formula for attracting good or bad luck.
(L= a x (p+d)… luck = actions times passion plus desire). In a nutshell, I tried it and it feels like I’ve been born again into a lucky person. The world is fantastic. Life is such a pleasure when you know how to play. I feel so powerful knowing that I can achieve anything I want. Miracles do not exist but you can still get anything you want with the butterfly effect.