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Misconceptions in Subliminal and Positive Self Talk

Many psychologists have defined how we learn from the subconscious mind. As there is a basic disagreement about the existence of subconscious learning, there are a number of different definitions, which have been given by different scientists. Basically, there is one common idea.
The subconscious mind is the learning by human mind without the person knowing it. For example, a person is looking at a flower. Some of the things he or she will note obviously and there are certain things he or she has perceived about that flower which he or she knows and understands.
According to mental experts, it is the level of our subliminal mind that actually has the last perception, which we can sense. This is politically incorrect. Nevertheless, according to those who believe in the Self Talk concept, there will be some perceptions, which will happen, but the person will not know about it. These perceptions may bring a change in his or her attitude; these perceptions may affect his or her personality without the person knowing it. This type of learning is subliminal learning.
The idea of Self Talk has been there for about a hundred decades. By now, yet it has become more important in the recent past. The major reason of its becoming so important is that there are now many companies who are selling their products in the market claiming that these products will help people in subliminal learning. Yet, many of these products fail to teach positive self-talk.
Now as the sales of these products are very high we need to check at this stage whether the Self Talk occurs or not. This is a debate, which needs all our attention at this pointing time. Scientists have given this debate all due importance, especially after the advent of Self Talk aids. Now we need to know the truth very fast. There are many companies, which are making money by selling the Self Talk aid. If there is no Self Talk, we need to stop them from making such products.
The companies, which are selling their products in the name of Self Talk, also claim that they have studied the topic in detail and that they have proofs that their products are good enough to improve a person’s personality by increasing the level of subliminal learning. These companies mostly use audio and video tapes and CDs for the purpose.
Now there are few companies who have introduced some kind of soft wares, which are said to be capable enough to produce solid Self Talk effects. What these companies and others who believe in the power of Self Talk have to say is that the mind is working even when we are asleep.
We do not know that we are learning anything from the surroundings at the subliminal level but we do. As a result, these people think that the CDs with a particular arrangement of sounds and colors can be effective enough in improving and enhancing our personalities.

They believe that this type of material is all very good as it is harmless to others and it can help a person become a better person just because of the use of such things. Self-Talk has been one of the greatest debates in the recent past.
Until now, we do not have a concrete proof that whether this kind of learning happens or not. We cannot be sure about it as the theory is still in the middle. It is something we still have to prove. At the moment, we do not know whether it happens or not. As a result cannot be sure how true the effects of the Self Talk aids are. The companies, which are selling the stuff, claim that one can learn a lot by using those CDs, which are both audio and video. Many people believe in the power of such stuff and many do not.