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Quiz The Strength Of Your Relationship

I read a post by a girl that she had an ideal relationship for more than three years. The boyfriend had initiated the relationship and wanted them to commit to each other forever. One day suddenly he came up and said that he liked another girl. After some days he said that he was no more seeing the other new girl and wanted to continue with the old love. This behavior has confused this girl and she wanted to know about the strength of her relationship. Have you quizzed yourself about the strength of your relationship?

Quiz your Love- to begin with quiz your love for each other. Write some questions about your mutual attraction and find out the answers of both of you. Do you love him/her more or less compared to the beginning? Does he/she irritate you now? Do you care for each other? Quiz about all the aspects of love.

Quiz your dependence- find out how much dependent you are on each other. Quiz yourself about how much you always need him/her? Quiz your partner. Are you both dependent on each other or it makes no difference if the other partner is absent?

Quiz your commitment- quiz yourself and your partner about commitment. Is that real or is it like a sand castle? Whether it can be broken easily? Quiz all the pointers that give you an answer about your commitment to each other.

Quiz yourself about your relationship. Find out the pluses and minuses. Find out the ways to make your relationship very strong. Otherwise you may be in for a rude shock, like the girl I talked about.

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