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Quiz Your Friendship- Can Your Friends Count On You?

Quiz your friendship personality:

Friendship is one of the greatest relationships, isn’t it? True friends do not hesitate giving their lives for their friend’s benefit. We have heard stories of great friendships since childhood. What about you? Do you think you are a good friend? Are you friendly? If you believe that you are friendly, why do you think that? Did you take any feedback from your friends about this? Or this is your impression? Sometimes we think and believe that we are very friendly, while our friends have different ideas. We change and improve only after we ask our friends. Let us quiz ourselves about our friendship personality and find out if our friends can count on us. Let us become self-critic for a moment.

Quiz your friendship commitment:

How committed are to your friends? Do you nurture friendships? How many old friends can you count, or you keep breaking old friends and make new ones? Do you always try to find some fault in your friends? Or you accept them as they are and learn to make a bond. What is the bond of friendship? How many of us think about these questions that shape our friendships? Not many, but we need to do that.

Quiz friendship loyalty:

We can count on a friend only if we are sure that our friend will not let us down in the moment of crisis. Without asking many questions and criticizing us, our friends will rally around us and help us fight. Can your friends expect this behavior from you? If yes, you are a person who can be counted upon. Be a good friend and get good friends in return.

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