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Relationship – Are You Sacrificing More

No relationship is equal give and take. In every relationship, both the partners make adjustments to make the relationship a success. Both give up many choices in life and try to contribute for the continuation of the relationship. Sacrifices are always called for in a healthy relationship. The relationship thrives on them. When we sacrifice we feel good because we feel worthy. Having given up something always makes us feel good.
It can also make us feel bad, if it goes on from one side and the other partner not even acknowledges that. The resentment sets in to the detriment of the relationship.

Why Sacrifice- two people cannot relate and live together peacefully, if they set their own conditions of living. They have to draw a common way and sacrifice their own hobbies, interests, and many other interests. Many adjustments have to be made to make a relationship succeed.

Are You Sacrificing More – human beings are all different. Some of us are givers by our natural instinct. In any relationship, such people will always give without any second thought. As the relationship progresses, such givers keep on sacrificing more and more to make the relationship work and keep the partner happy. Slowly the resentment may develop. I am only giving since years. I am not getting anything in return. Why am I being demanded to give again and again. I have my own life and desires. What about that? Why the world is becoming selfish? No body bothers about my comfort. Am I a sacrificial goat? Such thoughts slowly develop and destroy the relationship over period of time. Any relationship that began with imbalances would not survive long if checks are not kept. If you sacrifice more, please stop and review your life.