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Shot In The Butt With Fear: Public Speaking Anxiety

Like a taser gun shot to the butt a fear of public speaking can send shockwaves through your body that will make you feel disorientated and out of control! It can affect you even months in advance if you know that you have to speak publicly and nothing seems to help or shift it. You have tried braving it but got nowhere. You have got out of situations of speaking publicly however feel guilty as you have let someone else or yourself down. You have missed many an opportunity to grow and develop because of this most hideous phobia. Don’t you owe it to yourself to get this sorted out? If so, read on…

So, do you feel like you want the floor to open up and swallow you in when you speak publicly or do not even get that far as the lead up is just too much for you to cope, so you give up before attempting it? Do you feel that it is an irrational fear, however still can’t seem to get a handle on it and begin take control? Do you wish that you could reach your goals without facing your public speaking anxiety, but know that this is just as unlikely as the abolition of taxes? Do you just wish that there were an easy way that you could follow to deal with this – with no pain or embarrassment? Well if you are real serious about getting rid of your public speaking fear then I know just the thing that will help.

For many years hypnosis has been used for entertainment in places like Vegas and high school proms the world over. We see what seem to be amazing results of people acting crazy and doing strange things. Many people think that it is faked and that it is all put on, however I wouldn’t buy into this theory if I were you. Think about it! Have you ever seen in a newspaper and interview with someone that took part in a stage show and said that it was all staged? No? I thought as much and the reason why is that Hypnosis – really is that powerful! Really!

For many years now I, like a lot of other Hypnotherapist have been using the sheer power of Hypnosis to help people with many issues, such as stopping smoking, slimming and also dealing with public speaking anxiety. If you really want to harness the amazing power of Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis then I recommend that you grab some more information on the topic and make a start today! Your resolution could be just around the corner – don’t let this be the fish that got away – make a change today!