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Stress Busters For Travel Operators And Travelers!

Busy schedules for work, family and even fun can really cause a lot of stress. And not only can you suffer from this added stress, your family, friends and clients can, too, as it almost addicting in nature.

Well, time to take 5! Sit back, relax and read through these Stress Busters and see which ones you can put to use.

1) Get your body feeling good, and then your mind will follow. So cool off with some ice cream – homemade or some from the local Dairy Queen or other store.

2) Relax your body with a wonderful message. Get books on message techniques and learn to give yourself messages with oils. Learn techniques with your significant other and message each other. Or hire a message therapist to step in and help out. With coupons from local vendors, messages can be surprisingly affordable today.

3) Another way to relax your body is with a nice warm (or hot) bubble bath. Substitute scented oils if that works better for you. Light candles, put on soothing music and unwind.

4) Relax with your favorite television show or movie / DVD / steaming a movie. You can even rent look online for television shows to watch like series you may have missed and shows from other countries in any number of languages.

5) Grab a great book and relax with it in a comfy chair or couch. Or pick up a stack of magazine and check them out from the local library, relax outdoors in the shade with something cold to drink.

6) Book a trip just for yourself so that you can relax. This can be a mini-trip, maybe a half day to Amish country, for example, with a buggy lunch tour around the countryside that ends up at an Amish flea market for relaxed browsing and snacking.

7) Journaling is a great stress buster. Just by writing out your feelings and thoughts  – even with incorrect spelling and bad grammar – you can release pent up frustrations and stress. Use colored pencils on the pages, magic markers, stickers, add photos, doodles or whatever. Put on some favorite music while you write and enjoy, unwind and de-stress.

8) Exercise can also help relieve stress. Take a nice bike trip or hike through a local park area. And carry along a sack lunch or snack.

So take time from your busy schedule. And not only can you benefit from these stress busters, your family, friends and clients can, too, as they’re almost addicting in nature, too!