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Stress Busters: Techniques to Win Against Anxiety

Stress, as commonly by millions of people around the world, is feeling of heaviness and pressure on one’s physical and mental capacities. It is a feeling of being overwhelmed, or of being unsure of how to meet certain standards, and being filled with anxiety. Although a small amount of stress can increase energy and alertness, it can be very bothersome if it is not addressed properly. Being stressed while at work will decrease one’s focus and can reflect on the job itself. Being stressed by other factors including relationships with other people can be seen in a person’s movement, health, and way of thinking.

In dealing with stress, there are a lot of stress techniques, remedies, and tips readily available for all people to use and practice. The best way to fight stress is to remain calm and relaxed. Relaxation is a key component in stress relief. It makes you feel light, allowing a person to experience peace and serenity.

There are various stress techniques that can be applied by people who have high-pressure lives. Stress management techniques should not only cause a person to experience a burst of energy; it should also enhance a person’s performance at work and in other daily activities.

Another factor to consider is one’s environment and the people around you. It is possible to feel stressed when people around you are also stressed, It is important to minimize the level of stress that can come from “toxic” people in your office or even in your own home.

Some people can easily cope with stress. Being around these “stress doctors” can help you feel a sense of calm and control since these people do not get rattled or worried in stressful situations. Maybe this person can help you deal with your own stressful issues.

Another stress technique would be to practice deep and heavy breathing. The body is relaxed by breathing slowly for a count of seven, then breathing out for a count of eleven. Repeat this count until heart rate slows down. Thinking about stressful situations, or having “what if” thoughts could break one’s relaxation and give them stress. Avoid such thoughts and think of what can be to prevent such stress. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

It is also important to know what things cause you stress and anxiety. Knowing what specific things or situations can make you feel stressed will help you avoid these stressors. Lack of sleep, no exercise, and a poor diet can also contribute to stress. Having a healthy regular diet, enough sleep, and regular exercise will also do a lot to fight anxiety.

Stress relief activities such as yoga, meditation, Tai chi, progressive muscle relaxation, massage therapy, and other relaxation exercises can help in relieving stress. Stress can increase heart rate, gives an adrenaline rush through our blood stream, and temporarily shuts down our digestive and immune systems. By doing any of the mentioned exercises, stress relief is surely on its way. Choose a specific stress relief exercise depending on your lifestyle, and with regular application, can surely beat the stress out of your life.

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