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Posts tagged as “anger”

Take the Walking on Eggshells Quiz

It’s not breaking the eggs that does the lasting harm; it’s the continual walking eggshells. Emotional damage has a way of lingering in the times…

Eliminate Stress and Anxiety From Your LIfe–Become Resilient!

Dr. Adrianne Ahern teaches you how to Snap Out of your emotional reactions to your life situations and become resilient! By breathing away negativity, you will quickly find your purpose in life and finally say goodbye to the unwanted visitors in your happy homes耀tress, overwhelm, anxiety, depression, anger and feelings of unworthiness.

Stress Management

Have you ever said the words, "This job/my life is so stressful!" Or something else along those lines?

Most people believe that stress is something that happens in their lives. They believe it is the result of outside circumstances beyond their control. We are stressed if our work is too difficult. We get stressed when people in our lives aren’t doing what we want them to do. We are stressed when it’s been too long since a vacation. We get stress over deaths, weddings, ma...

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