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Simple Post-Partum Depression Cures

Post-Partum Depression is a debilitating, albeit extremely common, condition that affects new mothers everywhere. Medication is of course one of the standard remedies, but before you opt for it, there are other, simpler solutions which could very well get you back on your feet without modifying your metabolism.. Here are several of them, drawn from accounts of actual users:

> Go to bed early and try to get a good night's sleep

> Lie down next to your heater vent and fee...

Separation Anxiety

It’s tough to handle. One day, you have a perfectly happy, social baby, who knows no strangers. The next day, she won’t tolerate anyone but you. Sometimes, not even her father. It’s separation anxiety, and it is perfectly normal. And, it’s temporary, so no need to fret.

Separation anxiety usually comes in two forms - daytime – meaning your child doesn’t like strangers and only wants you, and nighttime, when your child has restless sleep because of being separated from you....