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Shot In The Butt With Fear: Public Speaking Anxiety

Like a taser gun shot to the butt a fear of public speaking can send shockwaves through your body that will make you feel disorientated and out of control! It can affect you even months in advance if you know that you have to speak publicly and nothing seems to help or shift it. You have tried braving it but got nowhere. You have got out of situations of speaking publicly however feel guilty as you have let someone else or yourself down. You have missed many an opportunity to...

Public Speaking Anxiety: How To Deal With It

Do you shudder at the thought of being asked to take part in a presentation at work or college? When you speak in public, do you feel that you want the floor to open up and swallow you? Are you more worried about getting the jitters rather than delivering great content in your presentations? Well if so then you may be a victim of one of the most common and most horrid phobias. The fear of public speaking is widely thought of as the worst fear that a person can suffer! In fact...

Public Speaking Anxiety: Getting Success With Public Speaking

With the pressures of climbing the corporate ladder and just keeping up with the Jones’s, there are many things that are pushing us in life to succeed and achieve greater goals year on year. While really wanting to succeed and attain our goals we can stumble on some obstacles that may be barriers that keep up from making a success in life and reaching our goals. One example of this is a fear of public speaking; also known as public speaking anxiety. In a recent survey this ph...

Overcome Anxiety With Hypnosis

Anxiety is a disorder that can negatively affect every aspect of a person’s life. A person who experiences anxiety may become panicked if a certain situation occurs. For example an individual who has anxiety about financial matters may experience a panic attack, stress and extreme worry if their car needs to be repaired or something breaks in the house. Someone who experiences anxiety at work may be looked over for promotions and raises.

Anxiety is fear and worry that can...

Natural Treatments for Anxiety

Natural treatments for anxiety such as meditation and hypnotherapy are gaining in popularity amongst sufferers of common stress as well as more serious anxiety disorders.

While drugs and supplements can promise some effectiveness in treating anxiety, holistic methods can help you to make an overall reduction in stress through long-term lifestyle changes.

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