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Stress And Work Life Balance

This article should be helpful to all managers and professionals, but is aimed particularly at those whose work-life balance has been changed by the additional workload, and potential stress, of studying management development courses or professional qualifications, by distance learning or in the classroom, in order to develop their careers.

How Leaders Cause Stress

Workplace stress is a major problem for organisations throughout the world. The cost of the impact of stress on organisations can vary from many thousands to many millions of dollars. These costs are caused by the rise in absence, the rise in staff turnover, the fall in performance levels, the level of customer dissatisfaction, and increasingly in the cost of successful compensation claims.

Are You Stressed Out?

It’s something we all talk about. How many times have you heard a friend or colleague say ‘I’m really stressed out today’? Of course, many of us use the word ‘stress’ very loosely. Often we simply mean that we’ve had a bad day, and now all we want to do is get a drink, sit down in front of the TV, and chill out.

But for more and more of us ‘stress’ isn’t just another word for ‘hassle’. It’s something we face every day – a constant thread in our lives that keeps us awake at...

Harness the Power of Skill Sets and Mindsets

Sometimes when you wrestle with problems, you might not see an immediate solution and you struggle to find one. After a while, you might give up completely, thinking that it is impossible to find a solution for that particular problem. At that moment, the idea that you might simply need new skills or knowledge to overcome the difficulty can be very empowering.

Maintaining a Positive Attitude Is Good For Business

And the end result of managing your time properly should be fostering the right attitude for business. Here are six ways to build a positive attitude.
Be Committed It took me a couple of years to reach the point I’m at now. I could have given up any time before I got here and I had a million different reasons for doing so. But I knew what I wanted and stuck it out. That’s the first key to success.

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