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Posts tagged as “managing stress in workplace”

Stress In The Work Place: Active Tips To Avoid Burnout

Stress in the workplace is a growing problem. Time and time again, hard-working employees hit the wall and lose all ability to perform. These employees show few outward signals prior to collapsing, as they want to impress and succeed. Any sign of weakness can be misinterpreted, and thus, they keep it to themselves.

According to the Health and Safety Executive one in six employees finds their work situation to be very or highly stressful. This means, in larger companies, th...

Lowering Stress Levels In The Rat Race

Stress on the job is a part of the rat race. Trying to problem-solve, working in large groups in open spaces, and sound levels: the list of demands on us is endless. Stress can affect all aspects of life; it can lead to heart disease, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, and burnout.

All of these problems are a catastrophe for both employer and employee. The sacrifice both have invested into the working relationship can lead to distressing results for both sides of this e...

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