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Posts tagged as “parents”

Commands With Promise

The Scriptures contain many commandments with a promise attached for The Abrahamic Seed Group. These promises are fulfilled for us when and if we perform…

How To Fight Back Against Depression

I am one of those people who can easily slip into a very negative state of mind. The slightest knockback or problem can lead to a cloud of doom descending over me, a cloud which I find hard to push away and remove. This article looks at ways in which we can fight back, to quickly get us back into a happy mode.

Anxiety and Responsibility

An article about coping with stress and anxiety by trying to become as responsible as you can in all aspects of your life,not taking your bad moods out on people is being responsible,for example.

How To Cope With And Reduce Stress

I have always struggled to live a stress-free life. I worry about almost every aspect of life and living this way has caused me a lot of problems including various bouts of ill health from time to time. I needed to find a way of coping with and reducing the amount of stress in my life and in this article I write about how I have managed to achieve this.

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