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The Web Of Anxiety

Anxiety is something that many believe is an inherent part of being alive, and it
is certainly a part of modern life in many ways. However, when a person is
unable to handle anxiety properly, then it can lead to a wide range of problems
that have to be dealt with. Among these problems are depression, panic disorders,
addictions, and a variety of other mental health problems.

The Sweet Life Without Anxiety

This article features the reality of child anxiety as seen in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This also exhibits the negative effects of this chronic care that can impede the normal flow of child activities.

The Hallmark of Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety affects even the most seasoned professional speaker or performer. While some people have the ability and presence of mind to remain cool and composed, most of us are geniuses as far as coming up with all the negative thoughts that may happen before and during a performance.

Performance Anxiety

Beverly had suffered from anxiety most of her life. As a child, she slept poorly and often had nightmares. She bit her nails and would chew on the skin around her nails until they were raw and bleeding.

Overcoming Performance Anxiety

Everybody suffers from anxiety at some point or anther. Anxiety is just a normal part of everyday life. It can actually be a useful emotion in helping us to cope with stressful situations. Other times, anxiety can be out of control and interfere with our ability to function normally in stressful situations even if the stress is just manufactured in our minds.

There will always be reasons to feel anxious. All ages experience anxiety. Children feel it in school before a test...