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Posts tagged as “stress and anxiety”

When Depression Takes Its Toll

The article deals with the experience of the famous writer Ernest Hemingway with severe depression and his eventual suicide. Specifcally, the article discusses the possible causes of Hemingway's depression and the events in his life that could have contributed to his mental and physical illness.

The One-Legged Man Who Beat Cancer and Depression

The article deals with the emotional and psychological difficulties encountered by cancer patients. Many cancer patients become depressed by the actual diagnosis and from the effects of treatment such as chemotherapy. The article also focuses on the inspiring example of Terry Fox, a cancer victim, who was able to overcome depression and disability by going on a solo cross-country marathon to raise money for cancer-research.

Double-Edged Depression

For many years, depression has been associated with being unemployed while stress is the bane of the worker. However, recent studies have shown that people who are working are still quite likely to develop depression. Some industries have also been shown to be more likely to depress their workers than others.