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Posts tagged as “women business owners”

What’s Your Excuse?

Let's say there is something you really want to do. It can be something big or something small. The key point is it is something you've been saying you want to do for a period of time but haven't gotten around to doing it. It's a pattern. To the point that you flow right into your list of excuses without even thinking about it. Don't let excuses stop you from living your best life. Learn how to bust out of them by reading more...

Look Where You Want to Go

Your energy flows to the very thing you focus on. So, in your life and business would you rather fall into the potholes or cruise along on the open road? Learn how to look where you want to go by reading more....

Keep Playing

Ever wonder about the sheer amount of creation, beauty, joy, and passion that is missing in this world each day because so many people have abandoned their passions and joy for the much more "important" and "serious" business of life?

Finish Strong

As we approach the end of the year, we tend to rush forward full speed ahead. With holiday madness and other tasks that need to be done by the end of the year, who has time to neatly tie a ribbon around the last 12 months and call it a wrap? However, finishing strong may be just the thing you need to do to create a strong start for the new year.