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The Importance Of Human Needs

Human Needs And Their Fulfillment

Even though we are all different, we each have the same 6 basic human needs. These needs must be satisfied, otherwise we feel uncomfortable where we are, with our lives and ultimately with ourselves. Each of these 6 needs therefore have a very strong influence on your behavior, and even affect the type of success you achieve in life.


The first and most fundamental human need, is the need for security. This need can come in many forms, such as the need for financial security, physical security or emotional security.

Before any other need is fulfilled people always seek to obtain a minimum amount of security in their lives. For example, if you were being chased by a tiger, your first concern would be finding safety. You would then think about other things such as finding something to eat. Providing you didn’t get eaten first!

The amount of security we settle for will vary, although in general people make sure that they have a minimum amount of security first (such as finding a house to live in) before they move onto fulfilling other needs. Later this need may be returned to, and greater security may be sought after.


Once you have an acceptable level of security in your life, the next natural human need is that of comfort. So once you have that house to live in, you will now want to decorate and add furniture to it. So that it is comfortable to live in.

The need for comfort can be an extremely powerful motivator of human behavior, as quite simply, people like to feel comfortable! However this need always comes after you feel secure where you are.


Once you have obtained an acceptable level of security and comfort, your next need is for leisure. People value leisure time very highly, and so behavior is strongly motivated to achieve it. However leisure is a double edged sword.

People who value leisure too much may fail to fulfill other needs, such as by becoming lazy and lacking ambition. Conversely people may become highly productive in order to be able to experience leisure, such as by going on holiday.


Love is perhaps one of the most strongest human needs, and can make people do all kinds of things. We all value love, and go to great lengths to obtain it. Without love, we feel lonely and our self esteem suffers.


Everyone desires to be respected by others. As children we often do things to impress our friends in order to gain their respect, and we do the same although in different ways, as adults.

Respects makes a person feel important and valuable. Without respect you will question your worth and importance as a person.


Without purpose you will lack direction and meaning in life. Purpose is something that you believe you were put here to accomplish. It is why you exist and what you work for.

However many people struggle to find their true purpose in life, but for those that do, there can be perhaps no other stronger human need that will inspire and motivate behavior.

Importance Of Our Human Needs

As you can see, people all have the same basic human needs. However we are all different in how we choose to fulfill those needs. Some people may be happy with just security, comfort and leisure. Whilst others strive to fulfill all their needs.

For those who choose to fulfill only a few needs, they usually experience lots of fulfillment in one area of their life, such as comfort. However this is ultimately affected by the lack of fulfillment in other areas of their life, such as security.

For example, if all you are concerned about is comfort, and don稚 bother to get a job, ultimately your security will be threatened as you will no longer be able to pay the bills. Therefore in order to experience true fulfillment and satisfaction in life, it is essential to work on fulfilling all your basic needs.