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The Laws of Attraction

As a man thinks, so is he.

Ever wonder why certain people get the polite, respectful, “Good Morning, Sir”, and others get the, “Hey Bud” or “Hey, Mac” kind of treatment?

Think for a moment, now.

What is the difference between Donald Trump and a beggar besides a few billion dollars and a couple of skyscrapers?

The answer: The mushy inside your head.

You see, the way people react to you is due to the way you think about yourself. Why do you think people judge a book by its cover or a bad kind by the clothes he wears? I know it is unfair, but the way a person thinks in his heart, he will appear or even live out what he is thinking!

The Law of Attraction is not something new; it is the way things are. It is evident in Murphy’s Law – the things we most don’t want to happen to often happens to us, that is why a dropped buttered toast always land on the wrong side!

Even as a child in school, I have always hoped that when I saw sitting in class, and I didn’t know how to answer a question the teacher asked, I always whispered in my heart, “Don’t pick me… PLEASE, don’t pick me” and the teacher always did. It didn’t matter where I was sitting, the teacher had this mind reading ability that knew I didn’t know the answer or wasn’t paying attention.

How does this apply to overcoming loneliness?

If you ‘project’ an aura of unwantedness, you will feel unwanted and your friends will reject you unconsciously. Stop acting like a wet, unwanted puppy who just escaped from the pound.

Say to yourself, “You find me attractive, loveable and good company.” It is true we can’t always convince ourselves that we are lovable, attractive and people love being around us.

But since we can’t control what others think, this form of affirmation actually fools our mind into thinking WE ARE lovable and attractive.

Try it and see!


(This is the seventh part in a series of Articles about the topic dealing with loneliness)