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The Secret to Positive Thinking to Attain Your Life Goals

The topic on the power of positive thinking has been gaining widespread popularity lately. Main reason that causes the surge in popularity is due to the release of many book and DVDs on The Secret. Many of us seek happiness in life and you may gain happiness through the incredible power of positive thinking.

You may be the one of the many thousands confused by the claims that the teachers in the movie The Secret make. While It may sound ridiculous to some that the power of positive thinking has the ability to get what we desired, you need to see a bigger message being displayed in the movie. You need to read between the lines. Let’s say that after watching the movie, I decided to apply the power of positive thinking. I tend to focus my thoughts on road rage. I used to enter my vehicle thinking about other drivers that come too close to the rear of my vehicle. This pet-peeve really got under my skin and I actually began to dread driving.

Instead of getting into my car with feelings of anger and dread I decided to turn my thoughts into the opposite direction. I chose to think about the many drivers who keep a safe distance and I also convinced myself that anyone who drove too close to my vehicle would turn off in little time. The power of positive thinking has changed my driving experience.

After that positive thought, I am become more relaxed when a car drives too near as I know that the car will not be too close to me for too long. I also don’t bother thinking that drivers coming up on my car too quickly or suddenly. You may now ask if my car has installed any kind of weird protective shield that keep other cars from entering its personal space. My answer is a definite no. My whole attitude towards this whole situation has changed dramatically and my driving experience has been a delightful one.

We know what will happen next. When a driver carelessly drives too near to a car in front of it, the driver at the front becomes annoyed and irritated. The front driver begins to decelerate its car and out of unhappiness he showed some unpleasant gestures to the car that followed too close to it. Following that, both drivers got out of the car a violent road rage just took place. If you expected such a circumstance to happen, you will make it happen. That’s the power of our thinking and if you think of positive thoughts, something good will happen. Your actions follow your thoughts and feelings. Believe that this good thing will happen and it will.