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Things to Consider Before Beginning a New Romantic Relationship

Beginning a new romantic relationship can add excitement to your life; the kind of thrill you get when you put your nose in the center of a freshly cut rose, taking in the wonderful aroma. Or perhaps opening up a beautifully wrapped package from someone special and getting the “gift” you’ve always wanted.

Amazing sensations go through your whole body. But we must remember not to get caught up in these wonderful feelings and forget that a successful relationship takes some work.

Here are some suggestions when embarking on a new romantic journey:

• Keep it fresh – Every date, every moment shared together, and every activity you participate in with that special someone should evolve around a fresh and creative idea.

• Leave your baggage at the door – Your new romantic interest will sure to tire of constantly hearing all the details of your last disastrous relationship. Keep the conversation limited to the wonderful “future” or the “fantastic” here and now.

• Dress to impress – Yes – We know pumps and ties on dates are passé – But, sweatpants and dirty sneakers are best left for all the “comfy” married couples.

• Forgive and Forget – Forgive him or her if they forget your first month’s anniversary or that you don’t like artificial sweetener in your coffee. Expect little and sometimes you get more than you thought possible. Expect too much and we only set ourselves up for disappointment. Forgive their trivial shortcomings and move on. Don’t forget – We are only human and therefore make mistakes.

• Some good things must come to an end – You can’t expect every new relationship to end in “wedded bliss”. If you truly believe there is someone out there for you, give yourself a break and move on. If the relationship turns stale, in the end it is sometimes in your best interest to head in another direction. Not all broken relationships can be mended; so don’t go “crazy” trying to fix every defect in a relationship.

Truly successful romantic relationships are possible. The getting there may be a long road – but once you are there it can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have.

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