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Ways To Relieve Anxiety Symptoms

Our society today can often be very overwhelming and it is important to make your anxiety is in check as well as any other issues that you may have going on at the time. Anxiety is felt by everyone at some time in their life, like when giving a speech or going on a job interview. For people with severe anxiety, it is much worse and is felt on a constant basis. People with anxiety issues often experience some or all of the following symptoms: extreme fear, abnormal phobias, heart palpitations, panic attacks, shyness and obsessive behaviors. Therapy, medication, and relaxation exercises can all provide relief of anxiety symptoms and when used together the results are even better.

Therapy is usually the first step used in relieving anxiety issues. A therapist can help you to discover the underlying causes of your anxiety and can suggest the best ways to help you get through it. Some techniques that are used to help relieve a person痴 anxiety often include cognitive or behavioral therapy. Cognitive therapy is when you are taught to use different ways of thinking when you are in a situation that may cause anxiety. By reprogramming your thought processes you can decrease your anxiety at the time, by telling yourself more positive things when anxiety is felt. Behavioral therapy is when you are constantly confronted with the anxiety filled situation until your start to feel more comfortable. Taken in baby steps the therapist will talk you through the process as they slowly get you to come to terms with the situations that cause you anxiety, and it goes away.

Medications are also very commonly used to decrease a person痴 anxiety. Under the supervision of your therapist a medication may be prescribed that can help elevate anxiety temporarily. Some of the medications include: SSRI痴 like Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft, Celexa, or Luvox, MOAIs like Parnate or Nordil, and TCAs like Tofranil, Adapin, Vivactil, Anafranil, Surmotil, Elavil, Sinequan, Endep, Norpramin or Ludiomil. If you do choose to use medication to treat your anxiety, it is best to do so under the strict supervision of your physician because many of these medications have side effects and all have to be prescribed.

Relaxation exercises can also help to elevate anxiety. Panic attacks caused by heightened anxiety can be calmed by deep breathing exercises. Mediation has been known to relieve anxiety symptoms before a situation that might trigger it, by having a relaxing effect on the person. Yoga and other exercise programs have also been shown to relieve anxiety somewhat. Since the endorphins released during the exercise can have a calming effect on the person, anxiety is often reduced.

Many people suffer every day from anxiety problems or panic attacks that can stop them from leading a normal life. If you feel that you have a problem with anxiety or panic attacks therapy, medication, or relaxation exercises can prove to be very effective in treating your problem. The symptoms of anxiety can constantly rule a person痴 life and if they become serious it is very important to seek out professional help for your mental health.