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Feeling alone -
Everyone in the world has felt this emotion one time or another. Especially in these times rapid technological growth the feeling of loneliness is rapidly inc ...
Anger Management, what is it? -
Anger is an emotion experienced by kids and adults alike. When something or someone interferes with an individual in a negative manner, it can cause ...
The Science Of Superstitions -
“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
Religion And Science -
There are many kinds of narratives and organizing principles. Science is driven by evidence gathered in experiments, and by the falsification of extant ...
How To Practice Meditation -
Meditation is the most important practice for calming the mind. A calm mind can lead to a healthy, happy and successful life. It can cure diseases ...
Comment On The Importance Of Human Life -
The preservation of human life is the ultimate value, a pillar of ethics and the foundation of all morality. This held true ...


Welcome, The beginning…

The tale, story and self-knowledge of the human being, a place full of free articles and info about the best places to get beautiful free pictures online, Feel free to copy and paste for your blog or website. useful and interesting articles.

The internet is an endless sea and dark deep down, you will find a lot of information from all over the world, a lot of what you are going to find is wonderful but another big part is not beneficial and true, that’s why the human being is growing and improving his own knowledge but also filling his head with negative and false things.


We must know how to discern and separate truth and usefulness from fiction, lies and falsehood.

There is already enough garbage on the web, on the contrary this site-project is about and for the human being, man and woman, knowledge and also the beauties of the web that cannot be missing such as photography, poetry and recommended sites to find more beautiful images.

This is not just a site about videos nor an online dictionary, this is a site about humanity, knowledge and helpful experiences.

Youtupedia hopes to provide a positive part in this vast sea or infinite space of information as there are others, to be a part of the worldwide movement of online change for the benefit of the human being, increasing knowledge of himself, its origins, human history, current issues and ongoing debates of interest and benefit.

Articles and topics about what strengthens the human being and what deviates him from his origins and ignorance that makes him fall into repetitive mistakes through the history in this world.

This site covers topics such as world, health, religion and the weaknesses of the humans or probably the worst enemy of the humans the ignorance, we would like only to provide with a different angle, and complete, useful and illustrative information.

This is the world of Youtupedia, made by and for the human being!


website work in progress!.






The word Youtupedia comes from a combination of words, a mixture of English and Spanish which means "knowledge for you or about you".