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Posts tagged as “Lord”

Where Are You, Lord?

“Where are you, Lord when I need you most?” That cry has been heard since the fall of Adam and its consequences. Although sometimes it…

Can Society Live By The Bible Today?

That Holy Book, called the Bible, is the only Book like it. While many know that it is a holy Book, they do not know…

Bliss Sheath: Samadhi (trance), heaven and the door of salvation

The last but extremely important sheath (5 covering layers of a living being) is the Bliss Sheath. When this sheath is uncovered, not only does the living being come very close to God but that it becomes God Himself. The soul is said to be a spark of God. Its ultimate form is Satya, Shiva, Sunder and God too is called Sat (existence), Chit (wisdom), Anand (bliss). Both these states ooze with supreme bliss. The ultimate goal is to make our lives happy, contented and blissful.

God’s Happiness Principle

Happiness is the state of feeling content. Are you happy? Can you honestly say that you’re content at all times? Or, could it be that…

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