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Stop Stress Now: Ten Proven Techniques

There's no such thing as a stress-free life. We face challenges every day, and our bodies are designed to react automatically, equipping us to achieve more than we thought possible. But we were also designed to deal with stressful events quickly and then recuperate during a period of rest before facing the next threat. Many of the things that cause us stress today are not easily handled by fighting or fleeing. As a result, our bodies are trapped in a constant state of alert, ...

Removing Stress From Your Life: The Art Of Practicing Feng Shui

For over three centuries, the Chinese people have found in Feng Shui the source for of internal and external balance and harmony. We all are searching for a little harmony in our life. Today痴 fast-paced life assails all our senses with demands and expectations. Stress, anxiety and tension accumulate as the ongoing demands of work and family, home and free time push us to the very brink. Pushed and pulled by the equally demanding expectations of boss and family. Driven to the...

Relieve Stress At Work 5 Quick And Easy Tips

Stress at work is inevitable. You can't stop it from coming, but you can change the way you handle it. Instead of having a meltdown right in the middle of the office, why not try one of these 5 quick and end easy stress reducers?

Take A Break.

It's easy to let your feelings take over when everyone around you seems like an idiot! But, remember, your fellow workers are just trying to get through the day the best they can too.

Instead of losing your cool, try taking a q...

How To Reduce Your Stress Like The Pros Do.

Stress is a huge problem especially for people in western societies. There are three types of stressors:

- Physical
- Psychological
- Environmental or Social.
The first group of stressors affect physically, for example : hunger ,hot and cold, illness, pain and injury, viruses, lack of sleep.

The Psychological affects your mind. Examples are : loneliness, fear, death of a relative or friend, threats to security, rejection, depression.

The Social occurs on your e...