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Symptoms anxiety attack

Anyone who has suffered the symptoms of anxiety attack knows that the experience is far from pleasant. If you have any question whether or not you have had an attack it is best that you speak with your physician. Following are quick facts about the symptoms of anxiety attack that you may want to consider.

I知 going to start off with a description from someone who has suffered from panic attacks for several years now. This woman works in social services focusing on the elderly population. The stress of her job is compounded by the symptoms of panic attack and she has a very detailed account of her experience that she has shared with me.

During the onset of her panic attack symptoms, she begins to feel warm and flushed. This feeling is often accompanied with perspiration and mild shaking. Following the heat and sweat is a wave of emotion that is overwhelming and gripping. The symptoms of panic attack may include a feeling of great dread and fear.

Sometimes the fear is so looming that she is unable to complete the task at hand. If she is driving, she has to pull over to a safe place to park her car. The feelings of gloom and doom are mixed with fear that is so real and intense that it becomes difficult to think about anything else.

The symptoms of panic attack come in waves that build on one another in her estimation. She feels as if she is going to die and her heart begins to beat uncontrollably. At times, she experiences heart palpitations that are so pronounced that she thinks she is having a heart attack.

After a few minutes, the waves begin to crest and curl over her. Right before she thinks she is going to drown, the symptoms of panic attack begin to shrink back further and further until she is brought back to her normal state, or as close as she can come to it at the time.

Of course, her account of the symptoms of panic attack is unique. People experience the condition a little differently. No matter what, the disorder will interfere with the individual痴 ability to function normally on a regular basis.

You may wonder if the panic attack symptoms are harmful after reading about her experience but they are not. While they don稚 pose immediate health risks, it is still quite important to seek help from a professional if you feel that you are suffering from the symptoms of anxiety attack.

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