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Am I In Love? Signs That Will Tell You Are On The Right Track!

It is love that initiated the union between a man and a woman when they finally decided to get married. Before they went through this very important decision of their lives, everything seemed to be on a reverie, with all the goodness and the sweetness that any couple could experience.

When the couple gets married, it is that same love that would keep them together, their bond stronger than ever, and their life transformed from a reverie to pure realism.

The love that keeps two people together is now an issue. This is because some people no longer believe that love really exists on its through sense of the word because of the many divorce cases that the society is facing right now.

In the U.S. alone, nearly 12,326,369 of the female population and 9,032,100 of the males were said to be divorced from their partners. This is according to the 2000 marital statistical report of the Divorce Peers in Michigan.

With that fact, it goes to show that many people are inclined to get married without realizing the true sense of being in love.

Hence, reality goes back to the clear signs of love. The reason why many people fail in their relationships is based from the fact that they thought that they were in love but the truth is that they never were.

Therefore, for those who wish to put a clear distinction between love and infatuation, in which, other people thought they are the same, here is a list of the real signs of true love.

1. You suddenly become interested with the things that you used to detest.

A person can claim he is in love if he is able to accept that things the he used to look down on. This is when everything seems so positive and that there is nothing close that could ruin what you have for the person you love.

However, this does not happen on an instant. This has to go into a process wherein you still hate to do what you despise even if you are already in a relationship. But as soon as you learned to love, everything will change. Things will seem brighter and every challenge seems easy to bear.

2. You learn to value her

To accept and to give something of value are two different things. If you are really in love, it is easier for you to feel that you really value the person and not just because you wanted to stay and sacrifice everything for that person.

Love will always want to find time and ways how to make his or her partner happy. For a great lover, his or her priority is on how to make his or her partner happy, and that this must be above his or her personal feelings.

3. You are in love if you can, with eyes open wide, accept the person that you love no matter what or who he is.

To feel loved is enough guarantee that you are accepted because you are you and not because of anything else that concerns you.
If you are really in love with the person that you really like, you can act or perform freely without the feeling of being awkward with the situation.

4. You are in love if you understand the person that you care for the most.

To feel loved, you must also feel how you are being understood by men and how each love should be able to give you the free will to choose what is right or wrong.

You are in love if you are willing to accept whatever it is with the other person and not on what and who the person is. You will be able to consider his thoughts and feeling even if somehow you disagree with what he believes in. And if you are being loved in the true sense of the word, you know that he will do the same thing to you.

5. You are in love if you know that you really care lot for that very special person

True love serves as a guarantee that the person whom you love will stay true to you, no matter what. You are really in love if you know that you are willing to sacrifice you life just to save your partner.

You are in love if you know that in spite of your partner’s flaws and wrongdoings, you will never embarrass him in front of many people. Instead, you will talk to him seriously and ask him what went wrong.

Indeed, love can be too confusing for people who do not know what it really means. Others may regard infatuation or physical attraction as love already.

The point here is that in order to know that you are really in love is to love him beyond the physical attraction, lust, and attachment. These are the three stages of love. Hence, if you were able to surpass these stages, it really must be love.

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