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An Online Bible Resource and Daily Devotional for the Christian Community

We offer this online bible resource for the edification of the whole person in Christ. We are to know God and not just know about God. This is a profound and counterintuitive quest that requires the miraculous power of God at work in us to achieve the end in mind.

This website is an online bible dialogue of spiritual things, for those who want to experience God intimately and intelligently, based on the message from Scripture that is – above all things – God’s personal objective communication to us from outside of time and space.

It is our particular interest to invite those who are seeking a deeper experience from God, who is the personification of Truth itself, to take a spiritual journey with us through a thought provoking dialogue about the concepts in Scripture that are hard to both teach and to grasp.

We rely on this key thought from the New Covenant promise: That God Himself is our Teacher by virtue of His inner presence through the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Wow…there’s a few concepts from the Bible that we can start chewing on right away!

Perhaps we can grow together into a faith-based community of believers who cannot get enough of the Truth and who desire to be transformed by God’s love! We’ll see. But first we need to begin by reading and thinking together. What has God spoken and how can we know it? How can we take these objective truths and experience God Himself in accordance with the terms He has laid out for us?

We join together in our progressive quest of lifelong learning, as an online bible community of faith, searching out the mind of Christ in developing the inner life.
We are the Body of Christ… meeting online… Spirit led… Bible based… spiritually alive in Christ… raised from the dead… forever!