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Anything For Her

Looking for that perfect gift for the lady in your life? If you are out of ideas and can’t think of anything to buy, this article will help you find something just for her.

Fortunately, women have the reputation of being easier to shop for than men. Jewelry is always welcome. You can find unique presents at an antique shop, and vintage jewelry is extremely fashionable. Consider buying her an Italian charm bracelet, the newest fad in jewelry. Italian charm bracelets do not resemble the dangling charm bracelets popular in the 1950s and 60s. These sleek bracelets are covered by snap-on segments which can feature a wide variety of patterns and designs. Some are studded with gems, others are covered by miniature enamel paintings, and they come in all metals from stainless steel to 18K gold to fit all budgets.

For serious relationships, diamonds are always appropriate, and a small set of 1/4 carat earrings only costs a few hundred dollars, while its sparkle will accent any outfit. If you don’t know how to judge the quality of diamonds (there are short online courses for beginners) stick to a reputable local jeweler so you will be sure to get a high-quality item. Not all diamonds are created equal, as some are grey or yellow and included with particles that detract from their appearance and value. Learn about the four C’s before buying diamonds to make sure you get a good bargain.

Online auction sites are good places to pick up jewelry and other gifts. Ebay is the most popular venue, but there are smaller sites as well where you can pick up a bargain.

If the lady you are buying for has a hobby or a collection, try to find something that adds to it. For instance, a doll collector would love to have a limited-edition Barbie. Birdwatchers will enjoy a full-day outing, and perhaps a picnic, near a bird sanctuary. Scrapbook owners can always use small mementos or photos of special occasions. If your lady likes books, find a signed or limited edition.

Many women appreciate art, so look for an original piece that suits her decor. She will think of you whenever she sees it.

If you know her size and taste, buy her some attractive article of clothing. It doesn’t have to be something as intimate as lingerie, as long as you avoid completely utilitarian items such as socks (that vile old Christmas standard). Try a handknit sweater or some soft lined gloves for cold winter days.

And don’t forget the other love of her life — her pet. People who own pets consider them part of the family, and always appreciate gifts for them. Try a personalized or rhinestone-studded collar for the dog, or some gourmet cat food for her feline. Dog grooming certificates make a great gift and save time spent on cleaning, brushing, and clipping the nails of pets. If there is a cat or dog show in town, get some tickets for both of you.

If you can cook, make her a romantic dinner complete with wine and candles. Everyone loves to be spoiled and waited on. Baskets of luxury foods and snacks are gifts suitable for everyone.

Last but not least, don’t forget flowers! A dozen roses are always romantic, and a tropical bouquet will brighten her home for days. Or buy an attractive potted plant, which lasts longer.

Whatever you do, make sure your gift shows some thought and consideration of her tastes. If possible, don’t buy a generic gift suitable for anyone. After all, it’s the thought that counts, and you want to demonstrate that you feel she is special and worth some extra effort.

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