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Arts On Line

The profusion of online Arts websites allows anyone to explore thousands of art galleries, museums and art expositions from around the globe. Search by subject, medium, country of origin and more. Public listings of expositions and online ticket sales make it easy for even the busiest people to enrich their lives through enjoyment of art and artistic performances.

The internet serves not only traditional artists, but also those specializing in computer art. There are many web sites solely dedicated to art created on computer, and even museums of computer art. This is an entirely new venue for the new global media art community, and supports the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of modern art that uses computer technology in original ways.

Many are free community sites which offer opportunities for the presentation of digital art from multiple digital artists as well as discussion forums for artists and members of the public. These provides a guide for both amateurs and professionals interested in exploring and using digital media and computers for creative purposes. Look for sites offering free downloads of images to enhance your personal or commercial website with photos, clip art and animations.

Read online critical history of computer graphics and animation. The internet is a global communications forum, providing professional advice from worldwide experts on creating digital art and illustrations. This advances the concept of digital fine art while promoting public interest and knowledge about this new medium.

For those more interested in traditional art, many museums now have digital photographs of their collections posted online. Without leaving your home, tour a virtual art gallery with information about the artists at your fingertips. If you are curious about a given work of art, it only takes a mouse click to find a biography of the artist and other information about the art.

Appreciation of art is greatly enhanced by knowing the artist’s motive in creating it, as well as an social factors influencing the subject matter. For instance, to understand medieval paintings, it helps to know the preoccupations and perceptions of people living in this era. Many older works of art use symbolism not readily apparent to modern viewers, and an online guide brings to life the meaning behind many seemingly minor items in these paintings.

Don’t forget about online ticket sales. It is so much easier to buy tickets online than over the phone. This eliminates waiting in line and guessing whether or not you are going to get a good seat for the performance. You can see a map of the theater so you can pick out exactly where you want to sit.

For those interested in learning new art-related skills, there are numerous online courses in fine arts, interior design, graphic design, art and art history master’s courses. With more people engaged in distance learning than ever before, many large universities are now offering their courses online. With so much available, there’s absolutely no excuse for not participating.